Conference Day Two
Thursday, April 25

8:00 am Registration & Morning Coffee

8:45 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Optimizing Alternative Fat for Meat Analogue Application & Juicy Taste

9:00 am Generating Potent Lipids & Biomass to Enable the Perfect Texture & Authentic Taste of Plant-Based Meats


  • Addressing unprecedented challenges in creating authentic meat aroma from plant-based alternatives due to changes in consumer preference and diets
  • Highlighting the importance of lipids as precursors for the formation of species-specific meat aromas for thermal generation
  • Harnessing fermentation, synthetic biology and extensive sensory analysis to produce tailored biomass and lipids
  • Tackling challenges with cost of goods in developing commodity fats and oils through fermentation

9:30 am Enhancing Meat Alternatives: Combining Mammalian Cells with Microalgae Cells for Advanced Technology Adoption & Tastier Cultivated Meat


  • Understanding multi-organism co-cultivation as an advantage for growth, taste, and final cost 
  • Exploring key characteristics of microalgae that can substitute protein sources with more nutritional benefits 

10:00 am Morning Refreshments & Networking

Innovating Alternative Fats for Dairy Substitute & Creamy Texture

10:45 am The Molecular Gastronomy: Revamping Structural Composition with Zero-Carbon Fats


  • Leveraging the scalability of thermochemistry to create fats from air
  • Bridging the gap in knowledge between sensory properties and composition of fats to identify the key determinants of taste and texture

11:15 am Roundtable Discussion: Exploring Novel Sources of Fats & Oils for Alternative Meat, Dairy & Seafood Application


  • Understanding the potential of unconventional sources such as fermentation, algae, and insect-derived fats for protein application
  • Delving into processing techniques and lipid modification approaches to optimize texture, mouthfeel, and stability
  • Examining strategies to formulate alternative fats with improved nutritional profiles to drive widespread adoption of alternative protein sources

Pioneering Alternative Fats for Industry-Wide Application

12:00 pm Edible Mycelium-Based Encapsulation: Revolutionizing Fats & Oils in Plant-Based, Cultivated Seafood & Beyond


  • Unleashing sustainable innovation in fat and oil production through mycelium biomaterial
  • Highlighting delivery of fats and oils by harnessing mycelium in alternative protein products
  • Leveraging mycelium to generate high margin products beyond food applications

12:30 pm Lunch & Networking

1:30 pm Replicating Alternative Fats & Oils Using Algae to Create Healthy & Sustainable Foods


  • Commercializing structured triglycerides, bioactive oils, and rare fatty acids enabled by scalable microalgae fermentation technology
  • Shedding light on environmentally conscious fats and oils for adoption in food service operators and CPG companies

2:00 pm Oleogels: Deep Dive into Tech for Development of Healthy & Functional Fats


  • Adopting advanced oleogel technologies for food applications
  • Leveraging acoustic pressure field technologies in oil and fat structuration
  • Using mathematical modeling and computer simulations to speed up the research and development of lipid-based materials

2:30 pm Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

3:15 pm Panel Discussion: Promoting Cross-Industry Innovation in the Alternative Fat & Oil Space


  • Exploring new methods of expanding fat and oil production to accelerate the pace of adoption of new solutions
  • Acknowledging industry insights through case studies of sustainable fat and oil start-ups to pinpoint commercial strategies

4:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:15 pm End of Summit