Harness Emulsion, Microbial & Cultivated Techniques to Create Animal-Free Fats & Oils That Outperform Their Unsustainable Counterparts in Taste, Texture & Nutritional Value

Who's in the Room?

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Welcome to the Alternative Fats & Oils Summit

With the emergence of algae, yeast, and fungi, coupled with the rise of new technologies such as oleogels, the alternative fat and oil industry is experiencing remarkable growth and innovation in recent years. Driven by evolving consumer preferences and sustainability concerns, alternative fat food techs are dominating the market with their novel products that hit the criteria for optimal functionality and structural stability.

From plant-based meat analogues to cultivated seafood and fermentation-led dairy products, the inaugural Alternative Fats & Oils Summit will bring together 60+ industry experts, including alternative fat and protein food techs, ingredient providers, CPG companies, and investors to unveil their latest technological advancements in plant-based, microbial, and cultivated production of healthy and tasty fats and oils.

Join us this April to hear about the next steps in achieving scalable production methods, cost optimization strategies, and regulatory considerations to accelerate the commercialization of sustainable alternatives. Whether you’re eager to learn why lipids are important precursors for the formation of meat aromas during thermal generation, or how you can leverage acoustic pressure field technologies in fat and oil structuration, take this opportunity to satiate your curiosity from Nourish Ingredients, Perfat Technologies, and more.









Top Sessions:

Surinder Singh

Generating Potent Lipids & Biomass to Enable the Perfect Texture & Authentic Taste of Plant-Based Meats

Surinder Singh, Chief Scientist, Nourish Ingredients

Minami Ogawa

Edible Mycelium-Based Encapsulation: Revolutionizing Fats & Oils in Plant-Based, Cultivated Seafood & Beyond

Minami Ogawa, Director, Cultivated Foods, Optimized Foods

Shara Ticku (C16 Biosciences)

Augmenting Fermentation Technology to Improve Yields & Reduce Costs of Sustainable Fats

Shara Ticku, Chief Executive Officer, C16 Biosciences

What Your Peers Have to Say:


"This summit will allow us to convene with key stakeholders, discuss and tackle critical issues in the field, and build long-standing partnerships”

Priera Panescu, Lead Scientist & Plant-Based Specialist, GFI 


"Across the three days, we can bridge industry gaps with collaboration and knowledge sharing, while being able to generate new ideas and actions"

Tom Welsch, Director of Sales, AAK  

The Alternative Protein Event Series:

February 13 - 15, 2024 | San Francisco

Returning July 2024

Returning July 2024

26-28 March, 2024 | Amsterdam

Returning November 2024